NI-CO is currently delivering a two component EU funded Twinning project “Integrated Border Management and the Fight against Drug Trafficking” (IBMDT) in Kosovo, the purpose of which is to further support the implementation of the IBM Strategy and its Action Plan and the Fight against Drug Trafficking to support Kosovo authorities achieve the following mandatory results:

  • border management and enforcement capacities of IBM Agencies strengthened
  • the anti-drugs legislative, policy and investigative capacities and mechanisms of information collection, exchange and analysis to investigate drug trafficking strengthened
TCG Meeting for IBM

The first successful Tasking and Co-ordination Group Meeting for IBM

The project follows the Rule of Law sector objectives which are driven by a prospective visa liberalisation approach and on 24th July 2014 the European Commission published a Press Release regarding its assessment of the progress of visa liberalisation for Kosovo.  Essentially, The Commission considers that Kosovo has made good progress but that further efforts are required to obtain visa-free travel for its citizens.  NI-CO’s Resident Twinning Advisor in Kosovo, Mr Gareth Evans states:

“This is the Commissions second report on Visa Liberalisation and it highlights significant progress within Integrated Border Management and also the Fight Against Drugs Trafficking. The Commissions first assessment mission preceded the project implementation phase by one month. By working closely with our partners, the  Twinning project has been responsible for providing support and guidance to this success and of note is the work of our Legal Experts who reviewed existing legislation and also drafted a new law on inter-agency cooperation which has since been recognised as an excellent piece of legislation and a model for other countries to follow.  The project continues to work with the beneficiary in both the IBM and Drugs components to meet the expected mandatory results.”

The full European Commission Press Release can be read here.