In September 2013 Mr Paul Martin CBE began his second outing as a Resident Twinning Adviser for NI-CO. Paul had previously delivered a Social Work project in Bulgaria and it was there he got the taste for international work. His new adventure was to take him to Jordan, working on a project aimed at strengthening the social protection system in the area of vulnerable families, women and children to ensure the effective protection and promotion of their rights. Eleven months into the project and Paul has settled well in his Delegate photoday to day work in the Ministry of Social Development and Amman has become his home for 18 months. The project is progressing well. After meeting the King during his first few weeks in Jordan at an event promoting the UK support in Jordan, Paul and his team of short term experts from Northern Ireland and the UK have delivered work on the ground training their Jordanian counterparts who work with juveniles, vulnerable families and children, disabled adults and abused women. The project is picking up momentum and entering one of the busiest phases of delivery. Preparations have begun for two study visits to Northern Ireland which will take place later this year, the first looking at job creation and other educational services offered to young people, unemployed adults and disabled people. The visit will also include meetings with organisations involved in the regulation and quality improvement of services, including those organisations responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of social services. The second visit will look at civil society organisations and their links to central and regional services in relation to community based social care, regional community care planning and commissioning of services to NGOs. The support of the senior management in the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development has been a vital part of enabling the project work to roll out as planned. A recent visit by Dr Andrew McCormick, who held the position of Permanent Secretary in the Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety at the time of the visit, was a wonderful opportunity for a roundtable discussion with the senior team in Jordan, including the Minister and all technical directors, to discuss concerns about how to take forward the recommendations made under the project and discuss how similar issues were handled in Northern Ireland. With just over halfway of the project still to go the strong partnerships which have been established to date will help to ensure the success and hopefully long term impact of the work being done on the project.