NI-CO has recently been awarded a two year project entitled ‘Further Support to Good Practice in HRM in the Montenegrin Civil Service’. This project is a result of a previous NI-CO project, Widening Good Practice in Human Resource Management, (October 2012 to March 2014) which supported the Human Resource Management Authority and the Parliament to implement a new law in PAR and ensure HR management were aligned to recognise international best practice.

NI-CO PAR expert Paul McCallion will be working with the Human Resource Management Authority and the Montenegrin Civil Service, seeking to build upon the work completed in the previous project by developing the following areas:

  • Methodologies/practical guidance for Strategic Planning and Management
  • Management and Training Planning Programmes
  • A Human Resources Management training programme for newly appointed human resources professionals

The project will set up a Steering Group to oversee the development process along with a working group to develop the methodologies and training programmes. These methodologies along with the HRM training programme will be piloted in 8 public institutions. Once they are finalised they will be rolled out to all public institutions.

The rolling out of strategic management and training planning concepts and the associated training programmes to all public bodies will be a major exercise which will require substantial support after the Project end, for at least 2 – 3 years.

One of the main project outputs is to identify sources of possible funding for a larger project roll out and this is something the project will be focusing on over the next two years.