NI-CO is delighted to announce the award of its first EU funded institutional twinning project in Algeria: “Collection, Processing and Promotion of the Information in relation with Consumer Protection”.

The 1.2 million euro project was awarded to the UK towards the end of 2016 and will be implemented by NI-CO over the next two years. Resident twinning adviser, Mr Roland Laval and UK Project Leader, Mr John Lawrence, will lead a team of experts who will work alongside the Algerian Ministry of Trade to improve consumer advice and protection and develop a free-market environment favorable to investors.  As well as creating a fully operational call center for consumers’ claims, the project will seek to promote a more inclusive culture that will protect and enhance the consumer rights of female and vulnerable groups.

NI-CO feel very privileged to have been awarded this contract and to have the opportunity of playing a significant role in the further development of the Association Agreement between the EU and Algeria.