NI-CO recently completed the EU funded IPA Twinning Project “Support to the Market Surveillance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Market Surveillance System”. The closing event marking the success of a productive partnership was held in April, at the premises of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina and was attended by approximately 50 representatives from a wide range of stakeholders and other relevant organisations and institutions including our lead beneficiary colleagues from the Market Surveillance Agency. The purpose of this 18 month project, was ‘to further develop the capacity of the market surveillance system in Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding its task to ensure the safety and compliance of non –food consumer products in accordance with EU market surveillance best practice.’ a (Consumer Rights Protection Centre). The Resident Twinning Advisor, Andy Bukavs, previously the Assistant Head of Trading Standards in the UK, together with the Project Leader John Lawrance (Local Better Regulation Office UK) and Junior Project Leader, Baiba Vitolina (Director of the Consumer Rights Protection Centre, Latvia), lead a team of experts from the UK and Latvia in providing information, advice and training on product safety to a variety of organisations including government agencies, economic operators and consumer groups to assist in the development of the market surveillance system in BiH in accordance with EU law and best practice.